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Teacher guided online piano lessons
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You want the best piano lessons …

but finding the right teacher can be hard. Then there’s the added hassle of carpools and scheduling in those busy after school hours. My studio lessons are also available online with me as your guide, but on your schedule.

I’ve taught over 1,500 students to play

These real piano lessons are fun for all ages and are designed for rapid progress just like my in-studio lessons at rocklinpianolessons.com. Have you ever wanted to see what your child is learning in class? These lessons allow you to learn right along with them.

What Parents are saying

“This is going well. I feel more a part of lessons, especially as a mom who really enjoys knowing what my kids are doing. I also appreciate your personalized messages when you record your responses, it really grabs their attention.”

Kari Morgan

“It is quite impressive that Michael’s progress is this fast with your teaching method.”

-G. Park

“We loved hearing your encouragement several times. It was motivating through the difficult part of this week’s lesson.”

M. Anderson

“As a working mom, being able to throw in a load of laundry & start dinner while my son is taking his piano lessons is wonderful. Coralie is a great teacher. I realized these lessons were working when we had friends over for dinner and my son played so well for them. They were surprised to hear he learns online because he plays better than their older child.”

-Jennifer Conner

“My daughter’s schedule is inflexible due to so much time with soccer club. She recently performed in her 3rd grade talent show with a skill set that clearly out-shined the 5th grade piano participants.”

-Steve Jensen

Choose which plan works best for you

Lesson video


Independent Learning

  • Includes occasional teacher check-ins / $49.00 monthly
  • 4 – 6 lessons each month

Online Piano Lessons for all ages


Teacher Guided

  • Includes more teacher involvement & weekly recordings back and forth with Coralie / $79.00 monthly


Meet your teacher

I’m a California native who loves homemade bread, kayaking at Lake Tahoe and cross country skiing. I’m also a Mom of 4. I began teaching piano at 13, after spending my childhood practicing and performing. I’m a teacher on a mission to help the world learn to read music and play the piano.


Q: Do I need a piano?

  • Of course every piano teacher would love for a student to have a real piano, but a keyboard works just fine.  Look for one with at least 61 keys, counting blacks and whites.

Q: Can I check it out before enrolling?

  • Sure. Just click the “GET 5 FREE LESSONS” button at the bottom of this page.

Q: What will I need to get started? 

  • Either a piano or keyboard is needed for practice. Even a small 61 note keyboard works to get started. Piano books (available on Amazon) will be required after lesson 16. 

Q: How much time is required of Parents?

  • A 6-year-old will require more time than an 8-year-old.  Video lessons are brief so parents can watch with their children and start them practicing.  Parents usually help with recordings sent back and forth for the teacher-guided lessons.

Q: How much practice will it take?

  • Practice is the magic that allows piano students to succeed. It’s not hard, it simply takes repetition.  Recommended practice is 15-20 minutes a day, 4-6 days per week. This can be broken into shorter sessions for younger learners.

Q: What is a good age to begin and what about Adults? 

  • This beginner course works for anyone who can read a simple sentence and can sit to practice. Generally speaking, ages 7-adult have the best success.
  • My Personal Experience:  We have 4 children.  I started the older 2 when they were 4 & 5.  I’m a consistent parent, the children practiced 7 days a week for 15 minutes.  I started the younger 2 when they were a little older and began to read.  The differences? What took my younger beginners 16 months to learn, the older beginners learned in 14 weeks. More than 20 years of teaching has proven this over and over.  

Other Questions? Contact me at coralie@pianofromhome.com